Benefitz invests in Swiss machinery

Despite the problems created by Covid19 over the past three years, Benefitz has continued its commitment to the latest technologies with the purchase and installation of a brand-new state-of-the-art grand format printing machine. This machine is called the SwissQ Nyala 4S.

Benefitz prints many of New Zealand’s biggest images and this new machinery enhances that capability – being faster and more efficient than existing machinery – and also provides environmental improvements. As the name suggests the machine is from a Swiss manufacturer, SwissQprint, based in Kriessern, Switzerland.

“The SwissQ Nyala 4S is fast and flexible and can print as a ‘flatbed’ machine on rigid substrates and also on flexible substrates for billboards, banners, wraps and point of sale etc.,” explains Rob Gunston, GM at Benefitz. “We have chosen the option that is the most productive of the SwissQprint range, printing up to nine colours that can include special white ink or a clear coat. It’s capable of printing up to 370 square metres per hour.

“We have a policy of investing in new technology for both efficiency and to constantly improve our environmental performance. Every time we make an investment like this, the advancement in the technology offers huge environmental benefits. We feel sure our customers appreciate this commitment to cleaner technologies.”

The new Benefitz SwissQ Nyala 4S prints (up to 3.2 metres wide) using LED curing technology. LED curing is cooler, having neither a warm-up nor a cool-down time. As well as having the eight colour (plus extra) print capability, it has an addressable resolution up to 1080 dpi and a visual resolution up to 2160 dpi. It also has an added feature called ‘droptix’. This means print items can be enhanced with 3D effects.

Benefitz operates 12 different machines in the large and grand format printing space with the biggest capable of printing up to five metres wide and virtually any length. This big printing capability is complemented by a range of print finishing machinery as well as signage, digital printing, offset printing and design services.

The company recently printed all the big images for the Rugby World Cup for Women that was held in New Zealand in October and November 2022.

Benefitz Parkway Drive manufacturing plant is powered by solar energy. With the move to these new premises in 2020, Benefitz installed a significant solar energy system capable of powering the entire business. It is one of the biggest in the country.

“We have been looking forward to the new SwissQ arriving and it’s great that it is now in production,” adds Rob Gunston. “We feel sure our customers will enjoy all the advantages that it is providing and we feel it will bring in new business for us as well.”

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