Michelangelo Exhibition

Benefitz helps Michelangelo exhibition come alive in Auckland

The team at Benefitz completed a significant project just before Christmas 2021 that really showed our range of capability. This was for the ‘Michelangelo – A Different View’ exhibition.

Under license from the Vatican Museums, this extraordinary exhibition features the most complete and authentic reproduction of Michelangelo’s beautiful ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel to be shown outside the Vatican.

“We were contacted by the exhibition promoters Stewart and Tricia Macpherson of Stetson Productions in mid-2021 asking the question if we were able to print the reproductions as they were nervous about the reliability of shipping from Europe in Covid-times,” explains Benefitz MD Aidan Bennett.

“The reproductions needed to be printed high resolution on a fabric specified by the Europe event owners, then stretched and framed for the exhibition. We were confident we would be able to satisfy Stewart and Tricia’s request so worked to produce samples to ensure that was the case. It was.”

The ‘Michelangelo – A Different View’ exhibition consisted of over 50 images of the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. The images that Benefitz produced for the event are up to 4.6 metres wide and almost 20 metres long. That particular reproduction, called ‘The Genesis’ was the feature floor display of the exhibition. All other reproductions were hung from the ceiling or displayed on easels.

“As we tackled the work on the project between when we came out of level four lockdown late last year and the end of the year, the task grew for us, which we were thrilled with,” adds Aidan Bennett. “We ended up doing all the design, printing, merchandise, display and directional signage for the event as well, offering great value to the organisers.”

“Stetson Productions is based in the Wellington region so Stewart and Tricia were unable to come to Auckland during this period due to the Covid-19 border restrictions, so they were thrilled that they were able to depend on us to work with the Auckland Live team at the Aotea Centre venue to build-up the event and make it come to a reality.”

The Benefitz team ended up designing and printing all of the items for the event, including the impressive 64 page souvenir programme as well as guide books in both English and Te reo.

“I know Stewart and Tricia really appreciated what we did produce and achieve for them by not only producing all the items but implementing the installation and build-up for the show in their absence,” adds Aidan Bennett. “It was something we loved being involved with and it was an honour for me to be asked to say a few words at the official opening on January 3rd. I made a point of congratulating the work of our team.”

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