Benefitz has a clever online team with skills covering websites, WordPress web development, social media, digital marketing, SEO, Google Adwords and more.

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Web Capabilities

Benefitz has been providing web design and development as a service for our customers for close to two decades. As the online world evolves so does our offering.

Complemented by our design and creative strength, our online team covers Websites, Web Development, Social Media, SEO and Digital Marketing. They work closely with our Account Management Team to provide the full online package for customers.

We will build websites on many platforms, including WordPress and our own B-Web Content Management Software platform.

Benefitz online offering is completed by our comprehensive hosting service. We have dedicated servers, housed off-site in a secure New Zealand based environment, where we host the hundreds of websites we have developed and continue to develop.

Digital Marketing

Social media is very important to any business as it will strengthen your brand image and ultimately will make you money through exposure to a wider customer base, but only if handled properly – this is where Benefitz Digital Marketing comes in.

We can manage and schedule all your social media posts and feedback from one place, as well as build and run fully customised digital marketing campaigns, all optimised for modern devices and user habits… Plus all posts can drive traffic back to relevant pages on your website with sales driven calls to action to help grow your business.

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