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School Yearbooks by Benefitz

You only get one chance a year to print your yearbook and your precious memories deserve the highest quality and service. BENEFITZ and CANVA are the perfect combination to easily create and produce a premium quality printed yearbook for your school.

The BENEFITZ team has been working with the founders of CANVA for over a decade on school yearbooks, and BENEFITZ cost-effective printing capability is a powerful one. This is School Yearbooks made easy!

Step 1


Get creative and design your yearbook in Canva, with full creative control over the content and design process.

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Step 2


Easily download and supply your finished design to us using our simple to follow instructions, then leave the rest to us!

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Step 3


We'll print and bind your books in-house right here in Auckland... We can produce as many yearbooks as you need.

Printing Press

Step 4


Once printed, we will deliver your finished yearbooks direct to the school for you to distribute to students and staff.

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With a dedicated account manager and our experienced in-house production team, your yearbooks will be delivered on time and on budget, with no surprises.

For more details click here to contact us or speak to Robert Johnson –  | 027 497 0712


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