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BWEB your way to customer value name

BWEB your way to customer value

Business owners and managers face some tricky decisions when it comes to investing in a new website, or redesigning an old one. Competition to be noticed in the online space is tough, but BWEB makes things easy for you.

It begins and ends with customer value

Whether you’re a brand new startup or an established small to medium enterprise (SME), the one thing you know your customers are looking for, is value. The value that customers derive from your products and/or services is what keeps them coming back for more, and a successful website needs to reflect that value through its elegance, function, and ease of use.

BWEB is the platform for you

These days websites are complicated “machines” that can do almost anything. You’ve likely heard of websites being referred to as “content management systems” (CMS). In layman’s terms, a content management system is simply a website platform that automatically organises all your website content and ensures this is presented to the internet visitor in the right way. Almost all websites these days (including blogs, online stores, and government websites) are “content managed”.

Thankfully, with BWEB, worrying about content management is a thing of the past. BWEB takes the hassle out of maintaining your website and comes packed with all the features you need to hit the ground running. And, being a homegrown, North Shore, New Zealand made product, BWEB has the advantage of being able to be customised to further meet your specific needs.

Features, functions and flexibility

BWEB includes all the features you need to deliver the best online experience for your customers. In addition to being able to add and edit content, host an online store and accept online payments, blog and display image galleries, BWEB is fully customizable. Existing features can be tweaked and additional features can be custom programmed to meet your more specific business requirements.

Ease of use…for your customers

A BWEB website makes it easy for you to deliver value to your customers. With BWEB, customers will be able to learn about your business, browse your product catalogue (or range or services) and then sweep through your online store, having made a secure purchase with the greatest of ease.

Ease of use…for you

BWEB makes this a reality by allowing you or your staff to easily add or remove general content, upload images to galleries or blogs, update products in your online store, and process online orders made on your website. Keeping your website up to date is critical and BWEB keeps it quick, in-house, and easy.

Search engine “friendliness” and “responsive”

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - the things that will get your website showing up at the top of a Google search - it’s as much about avoiding the “do not do’s” as it is about checking all the right boxes. ­A good example of this is Google’s recent change to its search engine to provide greater priority to websites that are “responsive”. Simply put, responsive websites respond to the devices that are being used to access them and optimise their display to the device. Again, BWEB takes the hassle out of worrying about these “sticky” terms. BWEB is both SEO and responsive ready. Talk to you smart Benefitz web person about how these features create value for you and your customers. They’ll also be able to help you with Google Adwords and social media campaigns to help you attract more traffic to your website and business.

And that old chestnut, customer value

The most important consideration when developing a website is ensuring that your website reflects the value of your products and services to your customers. A website where potential customers can learn about your products and services, buy securely and with ease, and be satisfied by the quality of service is a sure thing. Moreover, customers need to feel that their private information (user profile and credit card information) is being kept private.

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