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Bad Practices to Avoid to Keep Website Users name

Bad Practices to Avoid to Keep Website Users

Using pop-up ads

A lot of website designers think that of they place pop-up ads on their site they will get more subscribers or make more sales. That idea couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Pop-up ads are seriously annoying. They interrupt your users as they are trying to browse through your content. They are a distraction. To give your visitors a better experience on your site avoid using pop-up ads.

Not making your site fast

One of the most irritating, annoying things the users encounter is a slow website. People don’t want to wait forever to view your content. They want to be able to quickly click through it.

Did you know that 40% of users will click away from a slow website? That’s almost half. If your site is slow you may be losing potential customers. If you speed up your site you may find that your sales increase. Your customers will trust your site more if it works properly for them.

If it’s slow customers will think there’s something wrong with it. Faster websites also rank higher in search engine results. Site loading speed is one of the things that Google uses to determine how your site will rank.

Not having a responsive website

When designing your site take into consideration that web surfing is not just limited to the desk top computer anymore. Now a days people are surfing from cell phones, tablets, and several other types of devices.

Make sure that you site will be responsive to these types of devices. As technology advances so do your users and so should your web design.

Using intrusive ads

Few things are more annoying than intrusive ads. There your user is, navigating through your site, when all of a sudden music starts playing and an ad appears. Your visitors don’t want to deal with that.

Most will scramble to make the music stop. Think of user that are visiting your site from work, or from a public place. When that ad starts blaring music everyone will turn to stare. It could even get them in trouble if they are using a work place computer. Do your future visitors a favor and avoid using intrusive ads.

Websites can benefit from using pop-ups that offer their visitors assistance. If your site has one of these types of pop-ups it’s okay. Just be sure that your visitors can easily close the window and that it doesn’t make obnoxious sounds.

Using auto play for audio

Sometimes there is a need to have a video on your site. Maybe you have a video that shows how a product can be used, or maybe you want to introduce yourself to your customers.

Videos are fine so long as you avoid using auto play. Let your users determine whether or not they want to view it. If it comes on automatically they will most likely become irritated and leave your site.

Using horizontal scrolling

Website designers need to keep in mind that scrolling is done differently with different devices. Tablets and mobiles have touch screens. A simple swipe of the finger is all it takes to scroll through your site.

Desktops use a mouse or touch pad. Scrolling takes place differently. Not all of your users will be able to scroll horizontally. Think of your visitors that are using desktops. If you implement horizontal scrolling on your site their experience on your site will be difficult. They will become frustrated and probably click away.

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